Hire Me

The most frequent questions I get about my life are "what do you do?" and "how do you make money?" The short version is that I'm a freelancer. I split up my time between different projects that I am passionate about. I love the variety and the freedom that comes from freelancing as a career. 

Below are the three main categories of my freelance work: Writing, Reiki, and Music. Click the "Learn More" button to, well, learn more about my work in each of those arenas.

If you think my skills or experience could be of value to you, please reach out to me at wendy@overmylaptop.com


Writing & Content Development

The bulk of my work and the inspiration for this site is freelance writing. I help businesses and professionals develop content for a wide variety of digital formats including blogs, news articles, social media, and ebooks. Click learn more to see a portfolio of my work and listing of my services. 


Reiki Sessions

I'm a certified Reiki practitioner. I provide sessions both at Hypsie Salon and through in-home appointments. Check out my business Rebel Reiki for more info.  


Britches & Hose Ukulele Club

My first love has always been music. A freelancer life allows me to pursue that passion -- and earn money -- without worrying about it supporting me fully. I am a fraction of the eight-piece, all-ukulele band, Britches & Hose. Go to our website for booking info and clips.