Content & Writing Services

What do I write? Just about everything. My specialty lies in digital content. I can provide you with customized content in the following formats: 

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Newsletter
  • Marketing Emails 
  • Web Copy 
  • Social Media Content 
  • eBooks 
  • Professional Biographies
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Resumes & Cover Letters


eBook for Kunto Fitness 

eBook for Kunto Fitness 

eBook for Kunto Fitness

I developed all the written content for this eBook for Kunto Fitness. The fitness product brand is using the eBook for marketing purposes. 


Published Content

I've built an online portfolio with Pinterest that offers a highlight reel of content I've created that has been published online. 


Website Services

I am part of the Squarespace Circle, a community that helps people get started with their own Squarespace websites. I can help you get a beautiful, easy-to-use website up and running. I've built this website you're looking at now. Here's some other's I've built using Squarespace: 

Rebel Reiki 

Britches and Hose Ukulele Club